How to use the Airfryer?

air-fryerSo, tell me, are you worried because you just got the new Airfyer everyone is talking about and you are not sure how and on what you are going to use it?

No worries, it is a very easy to use kitchen tool and can be used for lots of different types of food.

Here we will let you know how to have a successful start on tasty fried food yet fat free.

How to use it:

If you have the best air fryer is a very easy to use appliance. You need to focus only on two parts: the basket where you will put the food and the settings with which you will need to control the cooking like the temperature, the time etc.

The technology behind the Airfryer makes the food fry through hot air coming out inside the appliance once it is turned on. The food needs to be sprayed with a little oil (depending on the recipes) and the combination of the two will fry the food in a few minutes.

Set up the timer according to the needed cooking time for the specific food and open the basket once the time is up.

Cleaning it is so easy, you just need to take out the basket and clean in in the dishwasher or like any other dish.

What type of cooking does it offer other than frying?

It is true that the Airfryer is mainly used to fry different kind of food (below you will find more details about which food you can cook with t), but remember that hot air is used in other kitchen appliances for other cooking methods; thus, your Airfryer can easily substitute your grill, stovetop or your oven.

You can use this miraculous machine to also grill, roast or even bake. It comes with trays for baking or grill for grilling other than the basket and you can easily remove one and place the other according to your need.

Different ways to cook different food!

Depending on different recipes and personal preferences on how to have your own food, you may have already noted that using the Airfryer, you can make different combinations of food and function.

Here below we have made a short selection of the most common fried, grilled or roasted foods to give you some simple ideas. Of course, you can be creative and continue combining more on our own:

Chicken: it can be fried using the frying option or grilled with sesame using the grill option.

Potatoes: you can have them as French fries using the frying option or prepare roasted sweet potatoes using the roasting option.

Fish: You can prepare fried fish using the frying option or go for the grilled in lemon and pepper fish using the grilling option.

Bread: Baking your bread simply and easily on the tray or prepare toasted bread with garlic or other seasoning.

Quick Recipe Idea:

Zucchini Fries

For this recipe, you will need:

  • Zucchini (4)
  • Cornstarch (a fourth of a cup)
  • Olive Oil (a fourth of a cup
  • Water (a fourth of a cup)
  • Salt (a sprinkle)

Heat the Airfryer to 390 degrees. Cut the zucchini into fry shapes. Add the fries to a bowl and put in the water, olive oil and zucchini. Mix well.

Cook half the fries for 13 minutes. Repeat the process.