Fun for kids- Face paint kit

face-painting-for-kidsHave one of your kids’ birthday any sooner? Try having face painting at the party that’s going to be one birthday party they‘ll remember forever. Especially for kids age between 4-8 face painting can account for huge amount fun. Whatever theme you are thinking to go with, face painting will fit right in. Hire someone to do it to ensure that kids go home happy or If a family member is good at it even better!

Bo Buggles sent me their face painting set recently, without cost, to review. It is priced recently as $16.97 and totally worth it.

The set turned out super easy to use. Just some water in a disposable glass or bowl and viola, all set. Every color was individually covered with thin piece of plastic so be sure to remove that before you begin. Dip your brush in water and then paint or use some disposable plate for increased convenience and take out small amounts mix with a little water and start painting. Sponge application can also be used.

Great thing about these paints is that they are easy washables. Soap and water washes them very smoothly because they are water based. You can use soft cloth or small towel and wipe the paint right off. To ensure the paints are properly stored after use let them dry in air on their own, so next time you take them out they are intact for use. Please donot leave the sponge or paint brush inside the kit as the moisture may spoil the paints afterwards.
The set that came in was more than enough for the birthday party.

Bright colors with a pack of eight jars. Purple pink blue green white yellow red and black colors were included.

  • Two jars of glitter one each golden and silver
  • Two each; paint brushes and sponge for paint application
  • A twin tip applicator

For further info check out their website and get the latest on their products. Also check their online social media presence as well as our mommy and baby social media presence.

Disclaimer: although the product was sent free of cost to us the review is totally unbiased free of any influence in any way.