Cool LED In A Jar Lamp

LEDJarLampI love DIY ornaments. Jars can be referred to as my favorite subject. I made a firefly jar for my kids and the LED lights we used were on a string. These LED lights were sent to me for free, from Oak Leaf Company to be reviewed. These astral stranded LED lights currently are priced at $7.99 and come in four cool colors, soft white, white, lavender and green.

These economical lights not only look good, but are cleverly constructed for the ease of use. the copper wire is flexible and can be wrapped around/  bend in many ways so they are perfect decoration material. They look great in jars and even empty fish bowl. No electric sockets are needed they come with batteries and on/off button.

The lights are easy to twist around but very reliable and lasting. Excellent for holiday season, or parties etc. as a low cost attention grabbing decoration. Their glimmer and radiance is visible from far. They are tiny bulbs so you can even manage on a doll house or a flower crown.

Just one feature that bothered me that if used continuously the batteries are exhausted within 48 hours. So just two days and make a run for new batteries, I got the expensive ones once the batteries that came in with the package were used up and good news, they worked for longer. The lights themselves are durable and claimed to have 27 years life span.

The package that came in had; the LED lights two starry strands, two small batteries.

For more information regarding these lights go to Oak Leaf website please and see bargain options. Also you can follow them on social media and check with their latest products and offerings. Also check out our Mommy and Baby social media presence.

Disclaimer: although the product was sent to us free of cost the review is 100% honest and is not influenced in any way.