Easy steps on how to make the perfect espresso!

giphyAs you know, the espresso shot is the basic and the essential element of any coffee based drink. Thus, managing to have a good espresso is quite an achievement and almost half of the work done towards of a perfect latte, cappuccino, mocchacino etc. If things go wrong with the espresso shot, it will affect the taste and quality of the whole drink afterwards.

But, how to become a Pro I making a good espresso?

First, you should make sure that the coffee grinding you are using is the right one for your espresso machine (http://www.espressomachinejudge.com) to produce a nice espresso shot. How do you realize that? As there are so many different brands and types of coffee grind out there and also many different espresso machines, the most practical way to find out would be to actually run some tests, until you find what works best for you.

You may want to try using the finest coffee grind available and check the quality and the process of the making of the espresso. Than taste it. If you are not satisfied, you move forward to a coarser one. You do this until you realize that the brewing time the machine takes to prepare the espresso is about 25 sec and it tastes really good.

Than, make sure there are no coffee grinds left over the filter basket and add some fresh coffee grind. Tamp it twice to create a compact mass of coffee, first gently and the second time a little harder.

Quickly wipe out any possible coffee grinds from around the edges of the filter, so they don’t risk to get in the way or burn and block the espresso machine from working fine.

Now you may put the group handle into the group head. Set the espresso for immediate brewing and wait to see the thick espresso liquid pouring out of the machine into the cup, finishing with rich foam on top.

Remember, using a good quality and elevated freshness of coffee beans is the key element in having a good and tasteful espresso shot.

Also, a proper maintenance and continuous cleaning of the machine will directly affect the quality of the espresso. You will need to clean it from coffee grinds on a daily basis, possibly twice a day (after each shift for the baristas). Also, cleaning thoroughly using white vinegar and water at least once a month will help to clean all the internal mechanical elements from possible masses of calcium, coffee grinds, oil etc.

Sweet Curved Rolls

Sweet Curved RollsI love marsh mellows. Basically s’mores is what I love. All the soft viscous gooey gluey melting in my mouth make me fall in love with so much that I try them in different recipes, all to fall even more in love.

Here is a quick recipe that can be assembled in a hurry and baked in oven not for long something that is different and easy to prepare. Perfect for moms. Delicious for warm and cold seasons alike.

Pastry dough, mini marsh mellows and chocolate chips are all you going to need. Roll the dough flat and cut out strips. Place mini marsh mellows and choc chips a few each on the strips and roll them to make crescent shape like illustrated in the pictures given. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees and line a baking tray with butter paper or grease lightly. Place the curved rolls or crescents on the tray and bake for 10-12 minutes. Viola! Serves 3-4 if each person reaches for 1-2 pieces.