What NOT to put down your Garbage Disposal

Garbage-Disposal-In-SinkYour garbage disposal is there for you to quickly and efficiently get rid of your food waste, so that you can spend as little of time as possible at your sink doing dishes. Its an extremely helpful device that will make removing food waste and its odors an easier chore for you. But you need to know what NOT to put down your best garbage disposals if you want to maintain a smooth operation at a pleasant smell.

Grease & Fat Oil

Never pour grease or fatty oils down your disposer even if you are running water with it. Both of these are as nasty on the inside as they are on the outside when you are trying to dump them. By sending these kinds of waste down t your disposal unit you are basically introducing the base substance for what will eventually be a completely clogged unit. Grease and fatty oils accumulate a wretched stench over time as well, just imagine those with all the other random food your send down there? Not a pretty sight.

Fibrous Foods

Fibrous foods like celery, artichokes, cornhusks, and onion skins. Made of stringy like organic material when they are broken apart or agitated. So when you send these types of foods down to your garbage disposer to be shredded, they turn into big, tough, clumps of string. Tangling up in your grinders blades, and causing your garbage disposal to jam. Throw these in the trash can or your compost pile!

Potato Peels

Yes, running your potatoes under your faucet to clean them is the right way to do. You need to clean off the dirt, and once they are damp—potato skins shave off a lot easier too. Your next step usually is to put those skins right into the bottom of the sink. That is all fine but stop your process there and throw those skins out in the compost pile or your trash-can! Potato peels contain a lot of starch, and when they’re shredded up by your blades they become a paste like substance. Perfectly formed to clog your disposer.


Avoid putting any strong chemical cleaners down your disposal drain. Products like bleach can be sent down but only if you heavily dilute it. Check the labels on what your sending down to your sewer system, and ensure that it won’t damage any of the piping.


The garbage disposal just doesn’t have enough speed or blades to properly shred any size of bones that you send down in there. Even if the blades are able to shred the bone, they are only creating a worse hazard as now the little hard pieces of bone are going to get logdged into any open space they can find. Throw your bones in the trash-can and not your compost pile—you don’t want any outside critters going through your compost.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds seem like they would easily be digested by your garbage disposal. But be warned, when coffee grounds are mixed with water they too, become a paste like substance. Plus, it just so happens that coffee grounds make a terrific fertilizer! So go stick them in your garden and you will see your crops grow like crazy.

Pits & Seeds

Much like bones, pits from fruits like Peaches and Plums are very hard, and do not break easy. Not only will this give your ears an piercing screech but it will damage your blades and anywhere else the smaller pieces manage to end up in. Avoid throwing your pits and seeds down your disposal unit no matter how easy it may seem.

All Other Waste

Garbage Disposals should really specific their name a little more. Not every piece of garbage can be disposed of by them, and by having such a broad name it has opened the door for us to believe that it can dispose of any of our garbage. Items like plastic, cardboard, and obviously metals should never enter your garbage disposal. Failure to do so, will cause some severe damage.

Clogging up your disposal can be a nuisance. These are made for convenience not stress. But you must take care of them and use them properly or you are going to wind up with an angry landlord or your going to being pay a large amount of money to replace one. Follow these guidelines on what not to put down a garbage disposal and you won’t have anything to worry about.