What NOT to put down your Garbage Disposal

Garbage-Disposal-In-SinkYour garbage disposal is there for you to quickly and efficiently get rid of your food waste, so that you can spend as little of time as possible at your sink doing dishes. Its an extremely helpful device that will make removing food waste and its odors an easier chore for you. But you need to know what NOT to put down your best garbage disposals if you want to maintain a smooth operation at a pleasant smell.

Grease & Fat Oil

Never pour grease or fatty oils down your disposer even if you are running water with it. Both of these are as nasty on the inside as they are on the outside when you are trying to dump them. By sending these kinds of waste down t your disposal unit you are basically introducing the base substance for what will eventually be a completely clogged unit. Grease and fatty oils accumulate a wretched stench over time as well, just imagine those with all the other random food your send down there? Not a pretty sight.

Fibrous Foods

Fibrous foods like celery, artichokes, cornhusks, and onion skins. Made of stringy like organic material when they are broken apart or agitated. So when you send these types of foods down to your garbage disposer to be shredded, they turn into big, tough, clumps of string. Tangling up in your grinders blades, and causing your garbage disposal to jam. Throw these in the trash can or your compost pile!

Potato Peels

Yes, running your potatoes under your faucet to clean them is the right way to do. You need to clean off the dirt, and once they are damp—potato skins shave off a lot easier too. Your next step usually is to put those skins right into the bottom of the sink. That is all fine but stop your process there and throw those skins out in the compost pile or your trash-can! Potato peels contain a lot of starch, and when they’re shredded up by your blades they become a paste like substance. Perfectly formed to clog your disposer.


Avoid putting any strong chemical cleaners down your disposal drain. Products like bleach can be sent down but only if you heavily dilute it. Check the labels on what your sending down to your sewer system, and ensure that it won’t damage any of the piping.


The garbage disposal just doesn’t have enough speed or blades to properly shred any size of bones that you send down in there. Even if the blades are able to shred the bone, they are only creating a worse hazard as now the little hard pieces of bone are going to get logdged into any open space they can find. Throw your bones in the trash-can and not your compost pile—you don’t want any outside critters going through your compost.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds seem like they would easily be digested by your garbage disposal. But be warned, when coffee grounds are mixed with water they too, become a paste like substance. Plus, it just so happens that coffee grounds make a terrific fertilizer! So go stick them in your garden and you will see your crops grow like crazy.

Pits & Seeds

Much like bones, pits from fruits like Peaches and Plums are very hard, and do not break easy. Not only will this give your ears an piercing screech but it will damage your blades and anywhere else the smaller pieces manage to end up in. Avoid throwing your pits and seeds down your disposal unit no matter how easy it may seem.

All Other Waste

Garbage Disposals should really specific their name a little more. Not every piece of garbage can be disposed of by them, and by having such a broad name it has opened the door for us to believe that it can dispose of any of our garbage. Items like plastic, cardboard, and obviously metals should never enter your garbage disposal. Failure to do so, will cause some severe damage.

Clogging up your disposal can be a nuisance. These are made for convenience not stress. But you must take care of them and use them properly or you are going to wind up with an angry landlord or your going to being pay a large amount of money to replace one. Follow these guidelines on what not to put down a garbage disposal and you won’t have anything to worry about.

How to use the Airfryer?

air-fryerSo, tell me, are you worried because you just got the new Airfyer everyone is talking about and you are not sure how and on what you are going to use it?

No worries, it is a very easy to use kitchen tool and can be used for lots of different types of food.

Here we will let you know how to have a successful start on tasty fried food yet fat free.

How to use it:

If you have the best air fryer is a very easy to use appliance. You need to focus only on two parts: the basket where you will put the food and the settings with which you will need to control the cooking like the temperature, the time etc.

The technology behind the Airfryer makes the food fry through hot air coming out inside the appliance once it is turned on. The food needs to be sprayed with a little oil (depending on the recipes) and the combination of the two will fry the food in a few minutes.

Set up the timer according to the needed cooking time for the specific food and open the basket once the time is up.

Cleaning it is so easy, you just need to take out the basket and clean in in the dishwasher or like any other dish.

What type of cooking does it offer other than frying?

It is true that the Airfryer is mainly used to fry different kind of food (below you will find more details about which food you can cook with t), but remember that hot air is used in other kitchen appliances for other cooking methods; thus, your Airfryer can easily substitute your grill, stovetop or your oven.

You can use this miraculous machine to also grill, roast or even bake. It comes with trays for baking or grill for grilling other than the basket and you can easily remove one and place the other according to your need.

Different ways to cook different food!

Depending on different recipes and personal preferences on how to have your own food, you may have already noted that using the Airfryer, you can make different combinations of food and function.

Here below we have made a short selection of the most common fried, grilled or roasted foods to give you some simple ideas. Of course, you can be creative and continue combining more on our own:

Chicken: it can be fried using the frying option or grilled with sesame using the grill option.

Potatoes: you can have them as French fries using the frying option or prepare roasted sweet potatoes using the roasting option.

Fish: You can prepare fried fish using the frying option or go for the grilled in lemon and pepper fish using the grilling option.

Bread: Baking your bread simply and easily on the tray or prepare toasted bread with garlic or other seasoning.

Quick Recipe Idea:

Zucchini Fries

For this recipe, you will need:

  • Zucchini (4)
  • Cornstarch (a fourth of a cup)
  • Olive Oil (a fourth of a cup
  • Water (a fourth of a cup)
  • Salt (a sprinkle)

Heat the Airfryer to 390 degrees. Cut the zucchini into fry shapes. Add the fries to a bowl and put in the water, olive oil and zucchini. Mix well.

Cook half the fries for 13 minutes. Repeat the process.

Easy steps on how to make the perfect espresso!

giphyAs you know, the espresso shot is the basic and the essential element of any coffee based drink. Thus, managing to have a good espresso is quite an achievement and almost half of the work done towards of a perfect latte, cappuccino, mocchacino etc. If things go wrong with the espresso shot, it will affect the taste and quality of the whole drink afterwards.

But, how to become a Pro I making a good espresso?

First, you should make sure that the coffee grinding you are using is the right one for your espresso machine (http://www.espressomachinejudge.com) to produce a nice espresso shot. How do you realize that? As there are so many different brands and types of coffee grind out there and also many different espresso machines, the most practical way to find out would be to actually run some tests, until you find what works best for you.

You may want to try using the finest coffee grind available and check the quality and the process of the making of the espresso. Than taste it. If you are not satisfied, you move forward to a coarser one. You do this until you realize that the brewing time the machine takes to prepare the espresso is about 25 sec and it tastes really good.

Than, make sure there are no coffee grinds left over the filter basket and add some fresh coffee grind. Tamp it twice to create a compact mass of coffee, first gently and the second time a little harder.

Quickly wipe out any possible coffee grinds from around the edges of the filter, so they don’t risk to get in the way or burn and block the espresso machine from working fine.

Now you may put the group handle into the group head. Set the espresso for immediate brewing and wait to see the thick espresso liquid pouring out of the machine into the cup, finishing with rich foam on top.

Remember, using a good quality and elevated freshness of coffee beans is the key element in having a good and tasteful espresso shot.

Also, a proper maintenance and continuous cleaning of the machine will directly affect the quality of the espresso. You will need to clean it from coffee grinds on a daily basis, possibly twice a day (after each shift for the baristas). Also, cleaning thoroughly using white vinegar and water at least once a month will help to clean all the internal mechanical elements from possible masses of calcium, coffee grinds, oil etc.

VitalSleep Snoring Review

vitalsleepIf you are deciding on whether or not to purchase a VitalSleep snoring mouth guard. You may have the impression that it is going to be uncomfortable. I had the same feeling, and how could you not when you look at it?

With such a detailed design, it just seems as though they have opened up the flood gates for errors. One of my first feelings when I looked at this device, was that it would rub against my gums.

I had to give it a try, and I will tell you that I am very happy that I did. I was pleasantly surprised, and you will be too.


  • Made of Thermoplastic—BPA & Latex Free
  • Max customization with boil and bite technique
  • Permits side to side mobility to eliminate force on your lower jaw
  • Flexible design to give you a natural feel
  • Air holes to breath through your mouth
  • Lower jaw placement an be adjusted small increments up to 7 mm
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • FDA Approved
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • If you order before 3PM your order is sent the same day for quick delivery
  • Can be worn if you have partial dentures
  • Also help to stop nightly teeth grinding


  • The complex design makes cleaning difficult to reach all small areas
  • Those with braces, invisalign, or missing teeth can not wear it
  • Requires a hex tool to adjust jaw placement

When I decided to order my VitalSleep, I ordered myself a regular sized mouthpiece. The website was trustworthy with a Norton security badge for purchases, and the company offered to ship the product the same day they received my order if it was made before 3PM.

The mouthpiece arrived shortly after I had ordered it, and I rinsed it with warm water immediately. I did the boil and bite process to fit it to my mouth.

After customizing a mouthpiece and inserting it into your mouth—you know right away how comfortable it will be. That was exactly the case for me, with instant comfort. It fit so well that I didn’t even realize it was in my mouth at times—which is a rarity with MADs.

I wore the device that night, and to both my wives and my own excitement I slept soundly through the night. My wife told me that she hadn’t experienced a night that quiet in a long time, and I said the same. I felt energized that morning, and ready to head to work.

Minor soreness, no drooling, and I actually had a full night’s rest. It was incredible, and I couldn’t have been happier to have tried this device.

I use my VitalSleep every night to this day, and even have endorsed it by word of mouth to some friends. Who all have returned with the same pleasing-review.

You Get Your Moneys Worth

Looking at the VitalSleep and even hearing about its incredible features, you are probably assuming this would be one of the most expensive MADs.

I was expecting to pay at least $120 or more. The VitalSleep is $59.95 or $99.95 if you choose to order two. Shipping is priced at the low price of $7.95 for USPS First Class mail. This method usually arrives in about four or five days. If you want a quicker delivery you can opt for USPS Priority Express and receive the product in 2 or 3 days instead, priced at $19.90. International mailing is $8.95 and can be expected in about 7 to 10 days.

What makes VitalSleep a great buy as well is a 30 day money back guarantee. Giving you minimal risk, while providing FREE replacements for an entire year. A very unusual offer for a anti-snoring device that isn’t prescribed.

Should You Buy It?

This is one of the best devices on the market. And I mean that when I say it. The VitalSleep excels in comfort and effectiveness, with incredibly detailed adjustments for your jaw placement.

It comes at a fair price, with a 1-year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. It just delivers on so many levels, I truly was blown away by it.

If you have struggled finding the right device for you, I highly suggest you give VitalSleep a try.

Cool LED In A Jar Lamp

LEDJarLampI love DIY ornaments. Jars can be referred to as my favorite subject. I made a firefly jar for my kids and the LED lights we used were on a string. These LED lights were sent to me for free, from Oak Leaf Company to be reviewed. These astral stranded LED lights currently are priced at $7.99 and come in four cool colors, soft white, white, lavender and green.

These economical lights not only look good, but are cleverly constructed for the ease of use. the copper wire is flexible and can be wrapped around/  bend in many ways so they are perfect decoration material. They look great in jars and even empty fish bowl. No electric sockets are needed they come with batteries and on/off button.

The lights are easy to twist around but very reliable and lasting. Excellent for holiday season, or parties etc. as a low cost attention grabbing decoration. Their glimmer and radiance is visible from far. They are tiny bulbs so you can even manage on a doll house or a flower crown.

Just one feature that bothered me that if used continuously the batteries are exhausted within 48 hours. So just two days and make a run for new batteries, I got the expensive ones once the batteries that came in with the package were used up and good news, they worked for longer. The lights themselves are durable and claimed to have 27 years life span.

The package that came in had; the LED lights two starry strands, two small batteries.

For more information regarding these lights go to Oak Leaf website please and see bargain options. Also you can follow them on social media and check with their latest products and offerings. Also check out our Mommy and Baby social media presence.

Disclaimer: although the product was sent to us free of cost the review is 100% honest and is not influenced in any way.

Fun for kids- Face paint kit

face-painting-for-kidsHave one of your kids’ birthday any sooner? Try having face painting at the party that’s going to be one birthday party they‘ll remember forever. Especially for kids age between 4-8 face painting can account for huge amount fun. Whatever theme you are thinking to go with, face painting will fit right in. Hire someone to do it to ensure that kids go home happy or If a family member is good at it even better!

Bo Buggles sent me their face painting set recently, without cost, to review. It is priced recently as $16.97 and totally worth it.

The set turned out super easy to use. Just some water in a disposable glass or bowl and viola, all set. Every color was individually covered with thin piece of plastic so be sure to remove that before you begin. Dip your brush in water and then paint or use some disposable plate for increased convenience and take out small amounts mix with a little water and start painting. Sponge application can also be used.

Great thing about these paints is that they are easy washables. Soap and water washes them very smoothly because they are water based. You can use soft cloth or small towel and wipe the paint right off. To ensure the paints are properly stored after use let them dry in air on their own, so next time you take them out they are intact for use. Please donot leave the sponge or paint brush inside the kit as the moisture may spoil the paints afterwards.
The set that came in was more than enough for the birthday party.

Bright colors with a pack of eight jars. Purple pink blue green white yellow red and black colors were included.

  • Two jars of glitter one each golden and silver
  • Two each; paint brushes and sponge for paint application
  • A twin tip applicator

For further info check out their website and get the latest on their products. Also check their online social media presence as well as our mommy and baby social media presence.

Disclaimer: although the product was sent free of cost to us the review is totally unbiased free of any influence in any way.

Sweet Curved Rolls

Sweet Curved RollsI love marsh mellows. Basically s’mores is what I love. All the soft viscous gooey gluey melting in my mouth make me fall in love with so much that I try them in different recipes, all to fall even more in love.

Here is a quick recipe that can be assembled in a hurry and baked in oven not for long something that is different and easy to prepare. Perfect for moms. Delicious for warm and cold seasons alike.

Pastry dough, mini marsh mellows and chocolate chips are all you going to need. Roll the dough flat and cut out strips. Place mini marsh mellows and choc chips a few each on the strips and roll them to make crescent shape like illustrated in the pictures given. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees and line a baking tray with butter paper or grease lightly. Place the curved rolls or crescents on the tray and bake for 10-12 minutes. Viola! Serves 3-4 if each person reaches for 1-2 pieces.

MultiGrain Mix Review

Minute-Multi-Grain-MedleyIf you have a gluten allergic family member MultiGrain mix is for you. Switch from whole wheat pastas and bread and other regular products made out of regular grains to  Minute® Multi-Grain Medley. It makes fantastic veggie salad mix. Check out the recipe below;

The minutmulti grain mix is available in pre-partitioned pouches with reasonable portions divided for convenience of use. Add some chopped colorful peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, tomatoes, celery and any vegetables of your choice. We prefer adding cheese cubes to make it extra yummy.

Dressing consists of vinegar, honey, garlic, olive oil, all to taste and lemon oil (few drops).

Follow the instructions on the carton and get the MinuteMultigarin mix ready. Let it cool before you mix in your prepared veggies and dressing. Toss the ingredients in a large bowl and refrigerate for the best result and taste.

Our grain mix comprises of brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, all non GMO and Gluten free.

Minute Rice is now an essential item on our ration list. They taste great so every family member will consume without complaints. Even a preteen can get them ready. Join the online club for getting more insights on minute rice related recipes.