About Me

madisonMy name is Madison, welcome to my blog. I am a homemaker by profession; I stay at home with my baby who is now a preschooler. I started this whole blogging thing back in 2012 with a hope and intention to toss things around a bit and get some fun started for me and other fellow mums by sharing family life oriented stuff like recipes and tips and tricks on a long list of variable topics.

I exclusively breastfed my little one, and sometimes still co-sleep so you may get the idea of how much I still love the idea of pampering my little angel. My life basically revolves around my child and my kitchen. So come explore delicious and child friendly dishes with me along with other fun stuff I think might catch mothers’ attention.

You can relate to so many things on this blog if you are mum. To your delight there is a lot of family related stuff so stick around these mouth-watering recipe treasure and I hope you have a good time, feel more up to dated and entertained that is what I intend for you at my blog. Hope to see you soon.

Want to know more about me?

I currently live in Pennsylvania and I try to keep a positive outlook no matter what. I have been in love with my hubby since I was 17. I am exactly not a writer but blogging proved to be my thing. I love to look into things deeply, I hate to see dirt around (who doesn’t) but I am a bit crazy with germs thing. A bit old school too since instead of smartphones I still use laptop which are way more convenient for me. I love animals and a scrooge for children books. I am a foodie and love to experiment around my kitchen.  When I begin something I like to take it to the finish line or I can’t rest otherwise. I like to the point conversation, long and detailed too. Not a big fan of makeup (or starbucks). I shop for my baby way more than I do for myself. I love living a casual and easy lifestyle, you see most of the time I stay in my PJs and slippers (unless I have to go out). I love going new places, like cold weather (more than hot weather anyway) and yeah I have big dog you will be hearing a lot more about.

I love my life exactly the way it is and wouldn’t trade it for anything!